Wealth Obsession

Much money in dollar currency

Our society has formulated an equation:

Plenty Money = Happiness

That is a fallacy. But many people believe it and as they continue existing with the idea, they wonder why happiness keeps eluding them regardless of the amount of money they have. Consider the story of the rich female Italian billionaire who shot herself in the head with a pistol. The suicide note she left the world was “I wish I was not so rich.”

Many people rather than seeing money as a means to an end see it as an end in itself. A young man got tired of struggling and decided to get wealthy at all cost. He met a juju man whom he told of his desire to be rich. The juju man brought a fowl that looked weak and threw grains of corn on the floor. The fowl was only able to eat two grains. It was after this that the juju man told the young man that he would indeed make him rich but he would only live for two years with his wealth. The young man agreed. He entered into a covenant with the devil with his eyes wide open. He eventually became rich and had great possessions. But two years passed in the twinkle of an eye and it was time to give his life as agreed. Strange people started coming to him for his life. It was then he remembered that the Catholic Church has priests. He ran to a priest. After narrating his story and asking the priest to save him, the priest told him, “You have tied God’s hands.”

I gave the story just to let you know how far a lot of people are going to get rich by any means, good or evil. For the sake of money they are ready to exchange their own life or the life of a relative. What do they do when they eventually get the money? They show off.

A bottle of water has been sold for $2,600. If you use the exchange rate of N315 to $1, that gives N819,000. Yes, N819,000 for a bottle of water! But why would a bottle of water be sold for $2,600? It is because it was covered with Swarovski crystal. It is interesting that the owner of the bottled water company (Bling H2O), Kevin Boyd, admitted that the water is not different from the water sold for $2.50. According to Boyd, he is not just selling water – he is selling a lifestyle.

The rich who have the money may buy such bottled water. When it comes to lifestyle, some people who are not rich but are into the art of keeping up with the Joneses are trying to fake it till they make it. But if they fake it till they make it, they will be fake when they make it. They buy stuff they cannot afford with money they do not have to impress people they probably do not like. It is crazy. Have you seen one on Facebook? I thought so. What many of them do not tell you is that they are in debt. But must you be as rich as whoever comes to your mind to be happy? There are three keys to happiness once you have a stable lifestyle: the quality of your most important relationships, making a difference in the lives of others, and being engaged in a meaningful activity.

To want wealth is normal. But to be obsessed with it brings no good. If you really want wealth which is not evil in itself, you have to know this: wealth creation requires planning and hard work and it takes years. Work for it but bear in mind it should be your servant not your master.


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  1. Ikechi Reply


    You are so right and I like your thoughts on wealth and happiness. As you shared, there is more to life than just riches. One must be the master of wealth and not the other way round

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