We Need One Another

People Talking

I used to be someone who looked at people and saw differences, differences between them and me. You may have had arguments with your family members, work colleagues, or even church members often enough to ask what it is was those people were doing in your life because it seems you could do better without them. You see how different other people’s ideas, expectations, attitudes, and temperaments are from yours.

The apostles of Christ came from diverse backgrounds and one can say that they did have rancour sometimes. I wonder how the tax-paying fishermen would have felt when the tax-collector was “recruited” to join them. They argued who was to be the first such that two were so bold to ask for guaranteed positions by the sides of Jesus. You may ask, “If God had given us an equal degree of courage, faith, patience, and others, wouldn’t we have a harmonious life?” If everyone had all the virtues then we would have no need of the other person. By giving us different gifts and virtues in various degrees, God made it necessary for us to co-operate. It is by this means that he makes us dependent on one another so that we may be a community. Our gifts therefore are not for ourselves. They are to be used in the service of others. In this way, every one becomes a minister.

Our differences are not meant to separate us but to bring us together. We need the people present in our lives. The defects in us and others are real and they can give rise to friction but they provide the opportunity to practice patience. They also enable us to show mercy as God shows us continuously.

In life no one person has all the answers. Did you just mention Google? Sometimes the search results from Google can be both overwhelming and confusing. Consulting with experts gives better information even though there are times you can make do with Google’s search results considering what it is you are looking for.

The support we get from people can be incredible. If you are pushing towards a goal, there are times when you would want to give up. At such times you need a shoulder to lean on. There have been instances when people believed in me more than I believed in myself. Today I look at people and I see the opportunity to serve.

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