To the Unemployed (II)

This is a continuation of the last post with the same title but (II)

Unemployed Man

Having experienced unemployment I know that that situation can give rise to hopelessness and hopelessness does not help. The best way to start getting out of your situation is to define who you are. Carry out an introspection to discover yourself. People tend to run away from this and end up living purposeless lives. Self-discovery can unsettle you and until you discover yourself don’t settle. It is for the courageous. This leads you to creating your vision. One without a vision is only existing and not living. Even the unemployed should have a vision after defining who they are. The next step is to develop a plan starting from your present situation to achieve your vision. As your plan leads you slowly to your vision, it gradually changes your circumstance. It was James Allen who said that men are eager to change their circumstance but are unwilling to change themselves. What can you do now? Your plan is not to get you to your destination overnight but to lead you towards it. One can be given a million naira today and in the next three months the money would have gone down the drain. A woman actually inherited millions from her late father. After six months, she could not account for the money. It was lavished. That is a person without vision and therefore without a plan. “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”. A person with a vision is ready to make use of resources and opportunities when they come. This is what some people call luck when in actual case preparation met opportunity and when this occurs, exploit happens. On the other hand, a person without vision wastes resources and opportunities.

If your vision demands more education or a new skill acquisition, make a plan for that. Even the unemployed can learn through books. If you can read, you can learn. Reading will aid your plan.

You need capital but before capital comes idea. An idea can in some cases generate capital. So do not sit down and wait for the capital to drop unto your laps. Just wishing for it neither helps. Do something. Think. There is something you can do presently. Find it out. Surely, you are not empty. If working voluntarily to gain experience will help realizing your vision, do it. If it is learning a new skill or trade, do it. It is a means to an end and you eventually grow. In the process, when money or opportunity comes, it serves as a catalyst for you are ready to exploit.

In a country like ours what I have discussed so far may seem non applicable, only to be followed in well-developed countries. But there is a religious aspect to it. God expects us to look with the eyes of faith at all situations we live through especially the difficult ones. In the parable of the talents, Jesus warns us against closing ourselves off from coming to know the faith of God and not to be slothful in using everything that God continuously gives us. Upon leaving five talents to the first servant, two to the second and one to the third and requiring them to work, the Lord gave them an opportunity. A talent is a gift and a certain substance but at the same time an opportunity. God trusts you and expects you to use it properly. If he has given you certain abilities, then he is not indifferent as to what you do with them. If certain situations make you feel tense, it means that your talent is hidden within them, as if a diamond were buried beneath ashes. What do you do with it? How do you use it? Everything is meant to serve towards your sanctification. In this sense, everything is grace. Suffering which overwhelms you, or other unfavourable circumstances, is a whole mass of talents. But we are often like blind people who understand very little. It is only when we stand before God that everything will be made clear to us. Then we will see the ocean of talents in which we have been immersed.

If you are unemployed and most likely praying for a job, know that sometimes the answer to our prayers come in ways we do not expect. For instance, when one prays for patience, God does not package it in a box to hand it over rather God creates an opportunity or circumstance to exercise that virtue called patience. Same goes for chastity. You pray for chastity but you know that it does not drop unto your laps. God gives you the chance to grow chaste. When you pray for employment, you can actually be given an opportunity to come out of unemployment through self-employment but you just do not see it because of the desperate search for a white-collar job. I have no issues with white-collar jobs but if everybody went in search of white-collar jobs then there would be no companies to apply to. Every existing company is a product of someone’s idea some time ago. Those who own companies own them not because they did not encounter challenges; they own them in spite of the challenges.

May God who created you for a purpose grant you the job you seek whether salaried or self-employment and may his providence lead you to your proper end. God is always with you.


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  1. Ikechi Reply

    Hi Godwin

    Thanks for this awesome post. This a breather for every unemployed youth and what you have shared is so true.

    Take care and have a lovely weekend.

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