The Work of the Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels

An angel is a spirit. He is without a body and does not depend on matter. An angel has a will and intelligence and was created by God.

The angels were free with their will. For them to enjoy heaven, they had to submit their will voluntarily to God by an obedient act. Hence, there was a test. We do not know the exact nature of the test. However, the test was one that will involve making an act of love for God. This is the price of heaven. Love resides in the will and this love must be proved. Only after they have proved their love can they enter into an everlasting union with God which we call heaven. Then they would see God face to face. One of the most gifted of all the angels was Lucifer (meaning “Light-bearer”). Under his leadership, many of the angels turned away from God. They decided not to serve God. Something to understand was that the angels were not men. Their angelic minds were perfectly clear. So when they decided not to submit their will to God, they understood the full consequence of their sin, that is, they were going to be eternally separated from God. This is hell. In the case of Adam, he did not understand what the full consequence of his sin would be. Unlike Adam the angels were not tempted. By rejecting God, they did not just set their wills against God but fixed their wills forever against God. They understood this and did not want to turn back; hence, there was no turning back for them. What they had in them was an everlasting hatred for God and all his works which will later include man.

We call the devil Satan (meaning adversary). The devils are the enemy or adversary of man. The belief that God created the human race to fill in the gap in heaven left by the fallen angels makes one understand the hatred the devils have for mankind.

They hate man created in the image and likeness of God and they use all their power to keep souls from taking their destined place in heaven. They make tireless effort to lead man into rebellion against God just as they rebelled. This way they tempt us to commit sin. Understand that Satan has a fixed hatred for you, so when he tempts you to commit sin which may seem pleasurable, you are not really ‘enjoying’ as you may think. Their hatred for you wants you to lose your place in heaven in order to spend your eternity in hell. Do well to flee proximate occasions to sin.

The devils are able to tempt man since they lost none of their natural endowments when they sinned. They have some power over nature that man does not know and they employ their limited power to steer events so as to bring man up against temptation. At the point of temptation, man has a decision to make – a decision to either submit to God’s will or follow his own will. The devil can tempt us but can never force us to commit sin. We have our freedom of choice that no man or devil can destroy.

Since the fallen angels have fixed their wills against God, everything about them is evil. They are 100 percent hatred, completely evil. There is no atom of good in the being of the fallen angels.

We are all tempted. No saint made it without temptations. It is through the temptations that they conquered that saints grew in holiness. This way they acquired merit before God. It is not easy to be good but we have the grace of God to see us through. Do well to understand the nature of the spiritual warfare we all face. If you do, then when the next temptation comes, you will have the urgency to flee.

It is wise for us to avoid proximate occasion to sin. If you continue meeting the people, going to the places, using the things that entice you to sin, then you are tying God’s hand and fulfilling Satan’s wish.

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