The Story of a Girl (II)

This is a continuation of the last post with the same title but (II).

Anonymous Girl

I was already having problems with my boss’s brother who was then with us. He kept bringing up problems for me that I decided to resign by Christmas of that year, nine months later. Meanwhile my boss kept telling me he wanted to tell me something without disclosing what it was. Well, for me I had decided to resign already so I was ready for a sack. I was tired of everything at this point. A woman in the market who was fond of me asked me if my boss had told me anything. I told her no. She asked if he was showing me kindness or being wicked and I responded that everyone knows him to be a kind man. Before I left she told me to let her know whenever my boss told me ‘something.’ She advised me to continue being who I was. I went back to office and wondered why my boss would tell somebody else about his decision to sack me.

Unknown to me, while on a business trip with his friend to China, his friend had told him that I was not just one of the best secretaries in the Plaza but the best. He told him about his admiration for me since I was not flirting with the rich men of the market. My boss had already been told by one of the elders in his family not to allow me slip off his hand else he would regret it. My boss confessed to him that he has been shy about approaching me. Weeks later my boss called me on his business trip to tell me the ‘something’. After the greeting he said, “I told you I will tell you something.” I replied, “Yes sir. I have been waiting,” expecting a sack over the phone. “I want you to be my wife.” I shouted something I do not remember. “Sorry sir. I never meant to shout. Em…I will think about it.” “I have done the thinking and praying. Just say ‘Yes’,” he said. “Yes sir. I will think about it,” I replied. He gave me very little time to think. Later he called and asked me if he had ever maltreated me. I told him he had never done that. “What are you waiting for to reply me then?” I was short of words and “Yes” came out of my mouth. I still remember the joy in his voice that day.

Someone would say that that was the end of my problems. Well, new challenges came up. His younger brother with him then got to know about his plans to marry me and became bitter. He called home asking his parents to talk some sense into his brother as he was about marrying a ‘common sales girl.’ He started misbehaving towards his brother and told him that he was leaving that year and nobody would stop him. Angry at his behaviour, his brother told him he would not be stopped from leaving but warned him that he would never return and that he had no right to interfere in his decision to marry whom he wants to marry. His younger brother observed his rage and conducted himself properly afterwards.

News of his proposal to me spread throughout the market including the Fellowship. It was as if I was the first secretary ever to be proposed to by her boss. One of his close friends left him because according to him, he condescended too low to consider marrying me. Sisters in Fellowship gossiped so much about it. It was then that I realized that there had been a competition among ladies regarding who would be his wife. A secretary at another branch office had done all she could to get him all to no avail. Many of his friends made jest of him but he stood by me.

Pressure came from home. They told my boss that they had found a good girl and asked him to come home and compare. He out rightly rejected the offer telling them he had made his decision and he was not going back on it. He explained to them that since he proposed to me he has been enjoying favours and had peace. His mother wanted a partner that would give him peace and she gave up. His father insisted on his considering the other girl they had found for him. He proceeded to see my parents and I went to see his. I observed that his parents initially were not happy to see me. But we got to communicate and that was the beginning of my relationship with them.

Women began accusing my fiancé saying that he was not man enough. They expressed disappointment. Yet they came seductively dressed to entice him. My fiancé proved he was a man with self-control. He shunned every one of them reminding them that he was engaged and I was his fiancée. This made a number of women hate me. I ‘stole’ their man. Even one of his ‘daughters in the Lord’ approached me saying, “I am secretly in love with a man but he does not know. He is about to be married to another lady. Tell me, should I approach him to tell him about my feelings?” “Well,” I replied, “If you ask me, I would say that it would be stupid of you to approach a man who is making plans to marry another woman. His decision to marry another woman shows that he does not love you and has no interest in marrying you. So do not insult yourself.” She left shamefully.

The wedding day was fixed. One day my fiancé was coming back from my place (we were making preparation for the wedding) and he met a fight between Agbero and some other boys. There were gun shots. One of the bullets passed through his shoe bruising his feet. He was on a bike and the bike sped off. I shudder when I consider what would have happened if that bullet fired from behind him hit him somewhere that would have cost him his life. I am grateful to God.

We got wedded at last and the wedding day was my first day at his house. We…you know…and we both realized that it was the other person’s first time to know the complementary sex in the most intimate way possible. We have been married for six years and we have three children. The marriage has been a blessing for me and my husband has been an awesome man, a God-sent. He wiped the tears from eyes.

Today we are partners in our business and we take business trips together to China. Business has been good. I was the one who went hungry for days without food; today I can organize a feast any day. I could not buy clothes for myself not to talk of jewellery; today I could give these out and would still have much more than I need. I had no money; today it is with a sense of gratitude that I say that money is not a problem. I was looked down upon by my relatives; today they look up to me. I write my story with tears in my eyes.

I write with the hope that somebody is encouraged by my story. You may be undergoing difficulty, pain, and hardship. Worse still is that there seems to be no hope. But having been there I tell you there is hope for you regardless of the circumstance. I encourage you to be strong, to be prayerful, and above all to show your love for God by keeping his commands. If I had fallen for those rich men who came my way just for the money, I would most likely not have been married to my husband for one thing that attracted him to me was the virtue he perceived I had.  

God’s ways are not our ways and you need to believe that he holds you in his palm. That you have come this far in spite of the difficulty is proof that he has been with you all along. He does not leave any of his children orphan. God is being faithful to you and I can assure you that if you remain faithful to him, everything that is happening in your life will turn out to be for your good. One day you will ask yourself, “Am I the one who is this blessed?” You will feel you do not deserve the blessings that will surround you then. Then you will tell your story and the tears in your eyes will be tears of joy.

God is always with you.

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