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Church Window

Faith Series I

Being a Christian, a Catholic, does not stop me from respecting people’s beliefs generally. The world has had and still has the blessing of great men with great minds from different religious backgrounds who have displayed insight. They have contributed positively to the evolution of the world. It is very impressive to me the way […]

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The Clergy I

The Clergy Series I

The people of God want pastors, not clergy acting like bureaucrats or government official                                                                                                                             – Pope Francis In spite of the attacks the Church has had from within and without, the world has been blessed by the Church through the services of her members. A priest is called and set apart to offer sacrifice […]

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Two women looking into the deep

Share the Faith

“Living the faith” – the slogan of the Nigerian Federation of Catholic Students, NFCS. Whenever I heard that in school, I remember that I should be living my faith. I would be more willing to share my faith with joy when I experience the happiness in living it. What many Christians do is to live […]

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