Steps for a Lasting Change

Steps for a Lasting Change

I guess you have been there – making resolutions about changes in your life which you failed to pursue. The resolution can be stopping a negative habit, losing weight, pursuing your passion. After making your resolution, you are energized for the next few days. Enthusiasm wanes as time goes on. You struggle with the change that comes with your resolution. Whether the goal is big or small, there is a change to be made. Rather than struggle with a change, it is better to start something new which can develop into a habit.

Change should be approached positively. Doing so stops one from seeing it as a struggle. Seeing it as a struggle is a setup for failure. The following help to maintain change.

  • Be clear about your purpose: You have a reason why you want to make a change. Be clear about the reason. Why do you want to drop that habit? Why do you want to end the relationship? Why do you want to quit your job? You have to be specific. Being clear about the purpose as long as it is positive will serve as a motivation to keep you going.
  • Start Small: If as a child you saw all you had to pass through to become a grown man or woman, I guess it would have overwhelmed you. That was not the case. You started from baby steps to walking to talking to schooling, on and on until you became who you are now. Your progress came gradually.

When you know the goal you want to achieve, you take it one step at a time. If addiction is the issue, you may want to look at the past to identify your triggers. What usually happens before you go back to the negative habit? Consider that as step one. Step two can be to understand the consequences of you continuing the habit. Step three may be finding out how to avoid or eliminate the triggers. In the next step, you may find the need to see a therapist. The process for your healing continues from there.

In trying to change, let one step lead you to another. Being drastic about change hardly helps.

  • Find out about the barriers: You have been struggling with the issue for a reason. You have tried and failed. Now be realistic. Look for the barriers and understand them. You do this so that you may come up with a way out.
  • Be committed: Success is not achieved by doing one great thing now. Success comes when little things are consistently done over a period of time. This means committing yourself to the process all the way through. Even if at some point you experience a setback, commitment serves to see to it that you do not remain down; you pick yourself up where you left off to continue doing the little things consistently.
  • Be confident: This confidence is about seeing yourself as the person you want to become. If you approach your change like “Let me see how it goes,” you set yourself up for failure. Already commitment is missing. Believing you can helps to see that you will.
  • Celebrate your success: Along the way, you complete phases or stages which are crucial to getting you to your goal. Every stage you complete helps you to build momentum to continue the process. Acknowledge the progress you make in stages and celebrate them whether big or small.

You want to make the change. It must not be a struggle. Change the way you view the change. Think differently and you may as well have started the change.

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