Overwhelmed Moving Closer To Your Dream

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When I first quit my job to build my life, I was filled with enthusiasm. Few months later, I was becoming overwhelmed. I did not save much before I quit my job. The money I had was spent pretty fast as I took one decision after another. At a point I wondered how on this planet I was ever going to get to my dream without the financial resources.

Working towards my dream is a unique experience. One day I am energized, on another, there is no drive. One day I have the faith that can move mountains, on another, I am confused. One day I am grateful for the courage to pursue my dream, on another I was like, “Who send me self?”

I guess we have something similar if you are just starting on business after quitting your job. What I present is what you can do when you feel overwhelmed pursuing your dreams.

If you are still working on your job and are hoping to pursue your dreams someday, just realize that dreams do not pursue themselves. If you are hoping that one day circumstances will suddenly change and align themselves in your favour then you are dreaming but you need to wake up from that sort of dream. That you are still working on your job however is not something you should regret. You can use the period to clarify your thoughts as to your objectives and what you want out of life. You still get your salary and you can use the money to begin training to get the skills that will help you in pursuing your dreams. You may also decide to spend some months trying to save knowing that times will get tough on your path to your dreams.

While I was still on my job, I used the money I had to get training on web design. The knowledge I gained proved helpful on my path afterwards.

If you are planning on quitting your job (I am not asking you to because it is a personal decision), be careful that you are not waiting for the perfect time to quit your job. There will never be a perfect time. You may analyze but do not overanalyze. Some people carry out so much analysis that they plunge themselves into paralysis. It may be time for you to stop thinking and really plan to take that first step, that leap of faith. Everybody dreams but the realization of dreams belong to those who work towards their dreams.

So let us say you already quit your job, you have taken the first step and are already on the journey. I sure felt like ‘on my own’ sometimes during the period. In fact, I felt like giving up. I worked harder and put in longer hours into my work but was not seeing any financial remuneration. Rather than giving up, I became more committed as I persevered. I had my ‘why’ why I was doing what I was doing. I saw who I wanted to become and sometimes imagine I was already the person. I kept working. You should keep working. Accept the pain. It is the pain of discipline. That you are still at it even when you feel overwhelmed is a sign of victory. It shows the strength, the courage, and the perseverance you have. Not everyone would continue like you.

So keep meeting the right people, keep asking the right questions, keep evaluating your plans, keep working, and keep praying for guidance. You are a victor. Keep showing up and staying in the room.

Godwin Nwaokike is the author of Growing Through Life: The Pursuit of Fulfilment. Click the image below to find out more about the book.

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