Live The Mission (Book)

Live-The-Mission-coverWhile I was giving a talk to the Youth Organization of a church, I asked about the objectives of the organization from the members. There was no answer. There was not a single member who knew any of the objectives of the group to which (s)he belongs! This gave me some concern. If they do not know the objectives of the organization, how will those objectives be achieved? What are they actually doing in the organization? What unites them?
I have observed that a good number of Catholics do not know the mission of the Church including some in various groups and councils of the Church. This has led to unproductive meetings in groups and societies of the Church with respect to the Church’s mission. Some groups in some parishes have almost become completely social with little or nothing to do with members’ spirituality. Some Catholics would say that they are in the world but not of the world. But when I see the actions of some Christians, including myself, I cannot help thinking sometimes that we are in the Church but not of the Church. Our actions sometimes speak loudly, “I am baptized, confirmed, and confused.” All these inspired me to write this book: Live The Mission.
Live The Mission is a book that helps to make clear the mission of the Church to Catholics and also prompts Catholics to make their contribution to the fulfilment of the mission. This is a book that will help priests, the laity, groups, and societies in the Church have the same vision and pursue a common goal. The purpose of this book is to unite Church members for the fulfilment of the Church’s mission starting from the family.
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