Investment Opportunity: This is not a ponzi scheme nor like MMM

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We were slow in taking advantage of the internet when it came out. Those who saw the future the future of the internet at its beginning stage made exploit. We were slow in taking advantage of mobile phones. Those who saw the future of mobile phones made exploit.

Today we are slow in taking advantage of crypto currency – the future currency. Those who can see the future of crypto currency are beginning to make exploits. You did not make exploit with the internet nor mobile phone but you have the opportunity to make exploits with what is happening in the world of crypto currency.

If you are in Nigeria, I introduce to you the company, Boonbuy Network. This company trades in crypto currency and offers you 3% of your investment daily for a period depending on the investment plan you opt for. You can start with N20,000 and get 3% of the sum (N600) daily for 90 days which equals the sum N54,000. Other plans like the N50,000, N100,000, N200,000 also gives 3% daily and you earn more from them.

This is not a Ponzi scheme nor like MMM. The company trades with your money and you get part of the profit. This is the real profit sharing. The people behind this are not anonymous; they have an office in Lagos and I have been there myself.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, you can call me on 08034140381 to do that or for more information.

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