Growing Through Life: The Pursuit of Fulfilment (Book)

Godwin's Maiden BookThis is a book written precisely for meaningful living and for anyone seeking fulfilment in life.
What you stand to gain from this book include:
a. practical steps to be taken to come up with your own vision (not someone else’s) and work towards it.
b. an understanding of how to go about your own education (not just schooling)
c. inspiration to apply your faith in various areas of your life
d. motivation to serve better regardless of your state of life
e. courage to build character
f. an understanding of the purpose of relationship
g. the ability to draw meaning out of the various experiences of your life including those you consider unfavourable.

What readers are saying about the book:
“I see this book as a ‘life guide’ and I recommend it to all for a meaningful living”
– Fr. Joseph Njoku

“‘Growing Through Life’ is a Must Read, a constant reminder to parents and teachers that they have influence over people who come in contact with them”
– Mrs. Agnes Nwaudu

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If you would rather prefer an electronic copy of the book which you can download on your device, click to select and download a copy from your desired digital store.

Let Godwin help you grow through life so you don’t just go through it.

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