God’s Unconditional Love

God's Unconditional Love

A lady got pregnant for her boyfriend. After deliberation they agreed to have an abortion. The guy was right there in the room when the abortion was carried out. He saw the whole process and told the lady that he would not put her through such an ordeal again. Three months later, the lady got pregnant again. “I am not ready. I am not ready,” was what the boyfriend kept saying. Eventually, another abortion was carried out. There came a time when the woman thought she may be pregnant. Before going for a test, she told her boyfriend that she may be pregnant and he was like, “What is all these? You know that I am not ready.” The lady went for a test and confirmed that she was not pregnant. Communication between them was already suffering by this time hence, the relationship became shaky.

In the relationship, her boyfriend would have told her several times, “I love you.” But one can see that whenever the so-called love is tested, he fails woefully. Where is the love when you fail to take responsibility and be there for the woman when she needs it most?

A priest told this second story. A man forgot something at home and came from work to pick it up. He caught his wife cheating on him with another man. The husband pretended as if he did not notice anything. He picked up the item he had forgotten and left. In the evening he came back from work. His wife was expecting the worst for her shame. The husband ate the food the wife had prepared and did not raise any issue. This made the wife more uncomfortable that her guilt later led her to pack her baggage back to her parents.

The husband got to know where she was and went to her in order to bring her back home. Everyone was surprised. The man did not come for trouble; he just wanted his wife back home. There the woman broke down and apologized profusely on her knees. She went back with her husband and their marital life continued.

Somehow the man displayed the kind of love God has for us only that God loves us infinitely more. When we hear that God is love, we do not really appreciate that. God is not just loving, he is love himself.

We ‘cheat’ on God countless times and after we do that, God seeks us like the man sought his wife. Even before we think of returning back to God, his grace has already began working in us so that we may come back. This is actual grace.

God so love the world that he sent his only Son to die for our sins. The highest a man can give is his life and that was what the Word made Flesh gave. The agony he suffered in the garden of Gethsemane was because of us. He was scourged for us, crowned with thorns for us, carried the cross for us, crucified for us, and he died for us. All these while we were yet sinners. We do not deserve such love and so we ask, “What kind of God is this?”

We should do more to reciprocate God’s love. Not that we can love him as he loves us but when we make no effort to reciprocate then we should reflect upon the kind of person we have come to be.

He paid the price. The best gift you can give to God is not money or material things. The best gift you can give is yourself.


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