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You may have tried “investing” in a Ponzi scheme in which your “investment” ended up being a rip-off. Within you, you resisted the fact that you were scammed and instead of saying good bye to such schemes, you ended up getting addicted and “invested” again and again. The result is more loss of money. Now you may be asking, “Is there any real investment platform out there in which I can invest and make a decent amount of profit?” The answer my friend is yes, a big YES.

Cryptowinhub is a platform for Nigerians to make an investment and enjoy a reasonable percentage of interest within a relatively short period of time. But first things first: Cryptowinhub is neither a Multi-Level Marketing business nor a Ponzi Scheme. Again, Cryptowinhub is not any of these. “If Cryptowinhub is not any of these, then how come I can make an investment and get a good percentage of interest?” Good question.

When you make an investment with Cryptowinhub, Cryptowinhub trades with your money. Cryptowinhub has a skilled and talented team working for her and their goal is to make gains trading with your money. Cryptowinhub then shares the gains she made from the trading with you while giving you back your invested capital. This is how Cryptowinhub works and is able to make returns on your investment.

At Cryptowinhub there are four investment plans: N20,000 (for 90 days), N50,000 (for 90 days), N100,000 (for 90 days), N200,000 (for 60 days). You are free to go for any plan of your choice. All plans have a 2.5% daily return. The table below gives you the full picture.


Investment Plan

Amount Deposited



Daily 2.5% Return



Amount you can withdraw every 30 days


Total Returns




Startup 20,000 500 15,000 45,000 (90 days)
Basic 50,000 1250 37,500 112,500 (90 days)
Advance 100,000 2,500 75,000 225,000 (90 days)
Premium 200,000 5,000 150,000 300,000 (60 days)

Note that you can only withdraw once in 30 days and the amount you can withdraw is shown in the table above.

This is real, it is not a scam. Trading is a legitimate business and that is what Cryptowinhub does.

To make an investment or get more information visit or call the support line 09068848049.

Make an investment today and get your bank alert 30 days from today.

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