Evil in a Good God-created World

Sea and Sky

Uche: How are you today, Ola?

Ola: I’m fine. But I have been thinking lately about this problem of evil in the world.

Uche: Alright, let’s talk about that.

Ola: God is good, right?

Uche: Yes, he is.

Ola: And he created the world?

Uche: Yes.

Ola: If he is good then why is there so much evil in the world that such a good God created? Is the presence of evil not saying that such a good God does not exist?

Uche: The answer can be seen in the proper understanding of evil.

Ola: I’m listening.

Uche: You see God is good and everything he created is good. This means that the two beings, Creator and creatures, are good. Now is evil a being?

Ola: No, it’s not.

Uche: Neither is it a thing but it is real like darkness.

Ola: True

Uche: You see, God did not create evil.

Ola: But there is evil. Where then is it from?

Uche: Evil is a wrong choice or the consequence of a wrong choice. So, the origin of evil is the wrong choice of the creature.

Ola: But God created the creature. Is he then not the origin of evil?

Uche: That is like saying that the parent is the origin of the wrong choice of the child where the child has his freewill.

You see, if we do not have freewill, we would be robots and not human beings. Being a human being is better than being a robot and the former possesses freewill. We choose what we do but our actions carry consequences. We should not blame God for respecting our freewill.

Ola: Since God did not create evil, you will agree with me then that he permits evil.

Uche: Yes.

Ola: Why is that?

Uche: We are finite beings limited in knowledge but God is infinite and omnipotent. We cannot comprehend God; animals do not understand man. But God’s power is such that he can bring good even out of evil.

Ola: How?

Uche: First, let me say that evil is not willed by God but permitted. He permits it knowing that he has the power to bring good out of it.

When the disciples of Jesus were being persecuted in Jerusalem, they fled to various parts of the world. The persecution of the disciples whose perceived crime was the conversion of men to a new way of life was evil but they fled to other parts of the world where they evangelized and that was good. Their work in various parts of the world contributed to our being Christians today. You can see good coming out of evil. That happens only by the power of the Almighty.

Ola: Evil has brought suffering to man. Is there a solution to it?

Uche: God has already provided the solution to evil which is his Son Jesus Christ. God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten Son to defeat the power of evil in the nature of humans. The problem is that we are not playing our part as we ought to.

Ola: And what is our part?

Uche: Our part is to repent and work with God in fighting evil. Love is the weapon we need. We should co-operate with God.

Ola: I see.

Uche: As regards this topic I would love you to always remember something.

Ola: What would that be?

Uche: The words of St. Paul, “We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose,” Romans 8:28.

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