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Church Interior

Faith Clinic Series I

Ola: I have heard that some souls will be happier than others in heaven. This does not make sense to me. Anybody who struggles through life and finally makes heaven will be as perfectly happy as others in heaven are. How can some be happier than others in heaven? Uche: Our life on earth is […]

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First Love

The First Love

I guess that when you hear love, your mind goes to romantic relationships. The result is for love to be equated to a feeling. But is love a feeling? There are four kinds of love: Agape: This is an unconditional love that loves another regardless of his flaws. This love is about sacrifice and giving […]

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Apostle Peter

Peter’s Example

I was at a retreat last week in which the speaker drew lessons from Luke 5:1-11. The passage is about Jesus’ calling of Peter. I read that passage today and I saw that Peter is an example to us when it comes to being a Christian. Peter demonstrates to us the following. We should be […]

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