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The Clergy I

The Clergy Series I

The people of God want pastors, not clergy acting like bureaucrats or government official                                                                                                                             – Pope Francis In spite of the attacks the Church has had from within and without, the world has been blessed by the Church through the services of her members. A priest is called and set apart to offer sacrifice […]

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Family Pix

The Family Series II

A man was struggling to provide for his family but his effort was not yielding the desired result. The wife who had since learnt to be independent was actually taking care of the finances. According to the woman, all through the period the man had financial difficulty, she tried not to say or do anything […]

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The Benefits of Chastity

The fornication culture has gone very deep in our world today. A teenager leaves home a virgin at noon and by the time she comes back in the evening, she has been deflowered and the parents have no idea of the change in her state. A guy takes a girl out and buys her food […]

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Hand with Rose

The Pain of Death

Life is sweet. The love of life is inherent in human nature, hence, death is not what most human beings wish themselves. But we need to understand why man sees death as something terrible. The body and soul are meant for each other. They enjoy an intimate union such that parting seems almost impossible. The […]

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