Barriers to Success you should Avoid

Barbed wire

To become successful is no small task. The process tests your character and is often slow. At the end, it is not just about becoming successful; the self-development that took place en route is phenomenal. This development contributes immensely to becoming successful.

There are barriers to avoid when you are on your journey to what you intend to achieve. Here they are:

  1. SELF-PITY: According to Encarta dictionary, self-pity is the self-indulgent belief that your life is sadder and harder than everyone else’s. This usually occurs after a setback or failure or in time of difficulty. I consider setbacks as being inevitable. You should nevertheless not let it bring you down. Rather consider yourself as “failing forward” as John Maxwell puts it. In that failure lies a lesson you are to learn and which can be helpful to you in future. This knowledge should help you avoid self-pity. Self-pity corrodes your will and magnifies an unpleasant situation to such an extent that you feel helpless. Actually, you can deal with the unpleasant situation after you do away with self-pity.
  2. DISTRACTIONS: Tasks become repetitive and the going gets tough as you work to achieve your goal. The repetition of tasks makes you prone to distractions. Distractions make you lose focus and without focus, you can hardly achieve any goal. You may have to schedule your work in order to deal with distractions.
  3. UNBELIEF: Are you more afraid of hard work or failure? I guess it is failure. If you were sure about what to do to become successful, you are likely going to be doing it. The thing however is that in many instances one is rather not sure about where his action is leading him. Doubts set in which can lead to unbelief. Such a person should check to see if he has direction.Have a plan for your goal. It is true that a plan can be tweaked as you go along so that you adapt to situations. Nevertheless, having a plan gives you direction and gives you the confidence that each step you take is a forward movement. With a well thought-out realistic plan, unbelief takes the back seat.
  1. LACK OF FOCUS: I have seen hardworking young men who are doing a number of jobs to keep money coming in. They source printing jobs, graphics design work, web design, personal training, and others. They dabble into many things at the same time and get the quick cash. One can get cash by doing this but I wonder if anything can be built in such a situation due to lack of focus and direction. Robert Kiyosaki defines focus as Follow One Course Until Successful. When one brings his energy, drive, and skills to achieve a goal, one is focused. The power of focus is better experienced.
  1. UNREALISTIC GOALS: When goals are unrealistic, then by their very nature, they cannot be realized. One can set big goals but setting an unrealistic goal is going to the extreme. An unrealistic goal drowns enthusiasm along the way and can be paralyzing. One should be realistic about one’s capabilities. This helps to set goals that are attainable.

Increase your chances of succeeding by avoiding these barriers.   

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