Many people are fine living life at the surface and simply going through the motions. Some others are asking deep questions so that their life can be meaningful. The difference between both groups of people is like the difference between swimming at the surface and deep diving. The experience of the latter is much more intense as he sees life hidden from those swimming at the surface. It is deeper and richer.

The intensity of your experience in life is much more important than the number of days. If you are seeking to intensify your experience with questions, Godwin’s desire is to bring you closer to answers. Enter Growing Through Life.


As the death of his old self continues, Godwin Nwaokike has committed himself to serving through his writing and speeches. He is not just after achievement but fruitfulness. He is the author of the books Growing Through Life: The Pursuit of Fulfilment. and Live The Mission. It is his desire that you live knowing you will die so that you can die knowing you have lived.

If you would like to use his service as a speaker, writer, or work with him, do get in touch through gnwaokike@gmail.com.