3 Questions to Help you Discern your Purpose


Everyone has a purpose in life. No one is actually an accident. But there are people living purposelessly. You see their lack of direction as well as their confusion in the dissipating life they live. They keep making one wrong choice after the other. But life is a duty every man ought to complete before departing. This conviction tells me that everyone has a purpose. That one has not found his purpose does not mean that he has no purpose.

The thing about purpose is that the knowledge does not come with birth. All our lives we have been listening to the external world. To discover your purpose you have to go deep inwards. This is exactly what is difficult for many because they are not used to doing this.

There is a primary purpose which relates to our source. It is to know, love, and serve God. Our end is with God and our primary purpose grows our capacity to experience him. However, we are here on earth for a reason. The world is not just in a state but in an evolutionary process. Our purpose with respect to our being here on earth has a part to play in this evolution. We are all meant to carry out work which in one way or another elevates man. I hope the following questions help you find the reason you are here.


Your values will help you develop a clearer sense of what is more important to you in life. Values are many. Someone’s list of values may be affection, balance, commitment, devotion, and so on while another’s can be discipline, excellence, faith, gratitude and others. Your values govern most of your decisions and actions. When you do something that does not align with your core values, you do not find satisfaction. When satisfaction is missing, you will hardly be happy. You need to do things that are connected with your deeper self. Find out your values and then you can make better decisions regarding the direction you would want your life to go.


What can you do without struggling? The fact that you do not struggle with it does not mean that others find it easy to do. Observe yourself and ask people who know you well what it is. Their response can open your eyes. When you develop the ability, you can become a master at it.

I was blind to my ability to speak and write. I decided to build my life around these skills after a number of people intimated me about how they like the way I speak and write and after I reflected on it. The decision was not just because they said that but because it resonated with who I am. It took years for me to acknowledge that I had good communication skills. Because it came natural to me, I took it for granted. I would not advise you to do so with your natural ability.


When we were children, we loved playing. We had our favourite games. When we were at it, we were so engrossed in it that we lost track of time. Now we are grown up. We have to find out the things we enjoy doing that makes us lose track of time. Is it dancing, teaching, designing, selling, coding, analyzing, or what? This is worth finding out.

So there they are. Life should not be a long string of doing what you do not enjoy doing which you call work. Your life’s work should enable you express yourself and you are able to do that when you have discovered your purpose.

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